4 hands painting

Ibiza Art Union

Previous life streamings performed by the Ibiza Art Union have been called: DUALS,

but this time,
the artists were male and female,
there was attraction, intervention,

everything a good Tango has!

check out their website:

arte de ibiza en la prensa

Painting tango, Robert Arató and Monique van Steen, sponsored by Ibiza Art Union

The Ibiza Art Union is a project founded in 2014
by the painter Robert Arató and the art-entrepeneur Mr. Mini.

Their goal is to get the art from Ibiza known to the visitors of the island,
and maybe even more so, to get their art spread far over the limits of the sea.

One of their ways to “get out there” is the use of modern media like life-streaming.
Once every X time, 2 artists will get in front of the webcams and paint together.
The idea is to have an anti-ego moment,
which means that both artists can intervene in any canvas they feel like at any given moment.

No rules, just paint.

Secret Boards

artistas participantes ONG

In order to get funds for sports-events for economically margined children of the inner city of Barcelona, the foundation of Secret Boards asked me to participate in their December 2013 event.
They auctioned the skateboards that were converted into “art” by nearly 100 artists.

It was a fun and rewarding thing to do, and so many artists joined in, that was heart-warming!

skateboard art, painting of beautiful girl's faces.

Dr. Case

foto Dr. Case, alias Justin Case

See more of his art project:



Dr. Case is the name of a urban artist who usually works pasting his papers on the walls of Barcelona.

But in this particular project he changed the artists into their subjects.
Changing their bodies and faces.
So we did a photo-session in my studio and he photoshopped one of my favorite Beauties on top of my shoulders!