Art at home

Monique's paintings in real homes

On this page I post photos made by the proud new owners of my paintings.

I thank all of them for sending me these, for one thing is painting them and seeing them hanging at exhibitions (big white walls),
but getting to see their loving new surroundings is something completely different!
This is a big push for me to keep on making art.

This might seem a bit odd, but it wasn’t until an aniversary-party of a gallery I work with, where I got overloaded with congratulations of¬†enthusiastic art collectors,
showing me their mobile phones with photos of how my paintings are hanging in their home or office interiors,

and receiving amazing frases, like: “your painting makes me happy, everyday”,
that I realized there was a superimportant life-after-the-gallery for my paintings.
There it dawned on me that this “life” is so mucho more important than their while of being with me during their process of the making.

If you would like to see your photo of your beloved painting here as well,
shoot me an email with it and tell me if you want or don’t want your name(s) to be there.

Thanks for making my day!