Art exposition “Beauty Matters” at the Hotel Pacha, Ibiza 2014

Early summer 2014 I was asked to make an art exhibition again in the very beautiful lounge of the Hotel Pacha, on the island Ibiza.

I had done so before a few year earlier and the idea of seeing my paintings combined with their exquisite urban interiorism filled my dreams with joy.
But reality always outdoes fiction.
Once again, my paintings looked incredible in their white space.
Here are some photos of the art expo, a newspaper review and a video in which you are taken through the whole exhibition.
I am happy to state that not all paintings on this video are still available.
Check my “for sale” page to see if your favorite is still waiting for you.

Arte en el Diario de Ibiza. Cuadros de Monique van Steen 2014
Vernissage invitation of the art exposition Beauty Matters, Hotel Pacha 2014
Pop art paintings of women's faces
Pop art paintings of women's faces
Pop art paintings of women's faces
Expositions give me the opportunity to ``step away`` from the work.
See them as a whole, as the forest instead of the trees.